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The site aims to highlight the activities of Community Musicians in the U.K. and be a focus point for opinions, views and the comments of pratitioners and a meeting place for all involved in research in the field.

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The focus of this website is the research being carried out by Vicky White at King Alfred's College, Winchester into the Evaluation of Community Music Projects in the South of England. Through Grounded Theory methodologies, I am hopeing to see what evaluation is being done and perhaps present possible models.


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New...........Conference Paper on evaluating the participant's experience of a session.

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The mailing list is part of the data collection for the research into the evaluation of community music projects. It is the easiest way you can get involved in the research itself. If you have an interesting tale to tell about an evaluation you've been involved in or would just like to see what others have to say then click the link above and join the mailing list. I look forward to hearing from you!

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